Monday, November 23, 2009

How To "French" A Rack Of Lamb

I was at Shook Restaurant @ Starhill when I ask Ayob, one of the Sous Chef to demonstrate on how to french cut a lamb rack. He was really good at it and bloody damn fast too. You can use a paring knife to scrape those thin skin type thingy around the bone to make it looks nicer

The lamb that was used is the best you can get in Malaysia. It is from Hillside, one of the biggest distributor of lamb in Australia and it's quite expensive for a regular guy like me..around RM98.00 per kilo but I can assure you that you're not going to be disappointed.

You can get it at Classic Fine Food.

** I took the video using my phone so the quality is not that good but I think it's enough to show how it 's done.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 Malaysian Fruits You Don't Know

There are so many different kinda fruits in Malaysia that there're some that I've never seen nor taste at all. And not all of the fruits are "ready to eat" type either like orange or apples but are usually cooked and made into drinks for medicinal purpose. There are also some fruits that are made into "jeruk" or pickles coz there are too sour.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Salt Crusted Trout

                                 DSC00128 DSC00130



1) I used to do this dish at Shook. It's a spin on the usual salt-crusted except that it's a bit more tidier compared to the traditional one.

2) The salt is mix with the herbs, blended with eggs and then made into a dough with flour.

3) Roll the dough to a certain thickness, covered the fish with it then bake for about half an hour.

4) Cut it on one side, open then served.

5) Will surely get a high score on the WOW factor!!