Thursday, August 28, 2014

Najib Flip Floping on ISIS

24 June 2014
When someone dares to fight to their death, they can even defeat a much bigger team. As proof — whether we agree or not is another matter — the group ISIL with the strength of just 1,300 people, can defeat an Iraqi army of 30,000 soldiers, until four, five generals with three, four stars run for their lives, jump out the window at night. Why? Because they are afraid of those who are brave.

27 August 2014
Malaysia strongly condemns the actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. We are deeply saddened by the crimes committed in the name of Islam, a religion of peace. We deplore those responsible, and call on the international community to act in concert to prevent further violence. We must fight extremism with moderation, and work to rebuild the bonds between communities shattered by war.

It is fair to assumed that Najib

- Do not understand that being public means being public globally and that makes whatever being said even to a local audiences something that has to be well thought of beforehand. 

- Did not take into account that his personel view reflect world opinion on our country.

- Have no clear understanding of what is happening in the Middle East and quick to make unintelligent judgement.

- Is clueless on the subject of motivation and to be taught publicly that a military guerilla is not such a good example to use after all.

- Always take his own sweet ass time in recovery, in this case more than a month to correct his view on ISIS, although he was being criticised right after making that statement.

- Will not admit to his mistakes or make any form of apology even when presenting his flip flop view on ISIS.

I'm just a burger flipper and not in any way an expert in leadership and there is a probability that there are solid explanations to all my assumptions.