Monday, January 19, 2015

Zahid, The Gangster & The Pirate Government

Poor Zahid Hamidi. The guy used to be a lion, where nobody can say nothing bad to him, he'll fight back, right there and then, roaring and crushing them, using his power as the chosen Malay warrior and also as a trusted big dog, in a big chair, in the current ruling administration.

But that doesn't seem to be the case with the latest scandal involving a letter written by Zahid himself regarding a millionaire, who is also a world-class poker player and a gangster, by the name of Tony Phua, who is currently under investigation by LVPD in Vegas, US of A.

For weeks the opposition was firing shots at the warrior Zahid trying to get him to explain as to the reason for such letter being sent to the CIA. A letter which was clearly, (for those who understand the English language)

  1. to be in the defence of Poker Phua
  2. a letter with false information regarding the 14K Triad, which was later conformed by PDRM
  3. a letter written without prior knowledge of the Foreign Ministry or the even the Attorney General.
More questions were being raised when the letter was withdrawn in the Nevada District Court in Las Vegas, after Putrajaya objected to it being used in Phua's defence. Now this is gettin serious, but which of the big dog in Putrajaya knew about this, have asked for that particular letter to be withdrawn?

So after a month of thinking, (honestly this is an act that is quite foreign to our man, Zahid) on how to answer to all this allegations directed towards him, the lion finally did a press conference and as expected didn't say much of anything except repeating the same shit, that Poker Phua is not a member of 14K Triad and that no such group was found to exist here in Malaysia. Shit! A whole month's worth of time and all he can come up with is the same lame ass bullshit that was written in that letter? Come on, what happen to Dr Spin, at least you can do is to spin something up, something short, maybe. But no. And at the same time, he kept refusing to give any explanation whatsoever regarding Tony Phua's involvement with the government on the nation's security, proclaiming that those are considered to be under the Official Secret Act. Isn't that just so typical? Pointing directly to the gold.

Now, to those who're still new to the Malaysian style of governing, this is a pretty common practice, used by our politicians in order to stop any line of inquiries that will point them as the guilty party, which is to sweep all informations available under the word "national security" and locked em up with a key called the Official Secret Act. This is an act that has nothing much to do with protecting our nation as much as it is used to basically just cover up all those hanky panky done by these pirate government of ours so that it'll never be known to the public.

Anyway, what was not answered, is this part of the letter, where our little Zahid wrote:

  1. Phua helped the Malaysian government in “projects affecting our national security”
  2. “We continue to call upon him to assist us from time to time as such, we are eager for him to  return to Malaysia”
  3. Phua’s release would impact on furthering “good international relations between our two   countries, especially in the exchange of information”.
Let's look at these words being used here really carefully. Does it sounded to you as if Poker Phua is a criminal, or a gambling kingpin or even a member of the brutal Hong Kong 14K Triad? No, I don't think so. It seems to me like Poker Phua is in fact quite an asset actually, a golden boy of some sort, in this pirate government of ours, since they are so "eager" in having him back home, and I'm sure for none other than to assist in those important matters of national security which he has shown to be one of the essential key player. And just imagine, the impact that could have happened between those two countries involved, if Phua is to be released by the American authority. Doesn't that sound a bit like pleading for Poker Phua's release? I don't know about you, but honestly I don't think that I'm far from the truth here, and I'm pretty damn sure of it.

Unfortunately, the cabinet, heads by Muhyiddin said that they were very suprised and unaware of the letter written by Zahid, which can only tells us how rarely these people actually read the news or care about any important issues of the day, or, they're just lying their asses off, both situation which are, quite honestly valid and pretty much damn believable.

Futhermore after being brief by the warrior Zahid, the cabinet decided that there's nothing that can be considered as wrongdoing, or something that is against the law as to what was being written in that letter. My God! What has happened to this cabinet of ours? I know that their command of English is rather questionable but I never thought that they're really sucks at it! I mean, how hard it is to understand just three fucking sentences. And to not see it as suspicious is just plain ridiculous, beyond any expectation of the level of intelligence that were expected to those chosen to be sitting in the so called country's cabinet. Or is it the matter of not having the balls to go against this Malay warrior, the chosen one, the lion who is himself a gangster, desperate for any helping hand, knowing that for him, it is a do or die situation.

Even then, what about that big secret where Poker Phua helped our government with the "national security" issues. Was that big secret being explained to the cabinets by Zahid? Or is it after a lengthy confession, and a cryout for help by the Malay warrior that the cabinet decided that it wasn't necessary anymore for him to explained it any further because they've decided, that a brother in need of help, no matter how fuck up it is, has to be given a chance. After all he's fighting on our side, he is one of our guy and he's fighting for the Malays. And so the story goes..