Monday, May 11, 2015

Azmin Ali, You're Guilty

It looks like Azmin Ali is trying very hard to dig himself out of a quicksand. But no matter how hard he tried to spin himself out of this situation, he is basically guilty. Being a Menteri Besar he should have known that using a word like "barua" is a no no. Even if it's in a form of a question. Although it's pretty clear that the questioning itself is a type of provocation done sarcastically.

Surely we have seen this before. Our own Prime Minister used to cursed during one of his speeches at Felda. And so did some of our parliament members during a heated argument. But is that the right thing to do? Of course not. They are public figures and shouldn't be cursing at people they don't like, or don't agree with. I'm sure that behind closed door, everybody curses, especially them politicians. Najib is probably fuckin cursing his ass off right now because of the Tabung Haji gate. Hey, curse all you want pappi as long as it's not on record or in public. That's the rule.

Personally I have nothing good to say about our IGP either. He's a total d-head and definitely got his head stuck way up in his ass. Plain and simple, he is the epidemy of an UMNO's "barua". But luckily for me, I do not get paid to be in their positions as a public figure, nor to abide to such a rule.