Friday, March 13, 2015

Jho Low and a 48 Million Dollar Painting

- Basquiat who was also a known heroine addict died pretty early, at the age of 27. Just like those rockstars who died from overdose, or some other drug related death. Pretty weird ain't it. In fact I used to visit his gallery/show back in the eighties during those Warhol era. Nevertheless he has definitely make a big mark on modern style expressionist and having his paintings sold for 20 to 30 million bucks is something that I'm sure he himself didn't expect to happened.

- But that's not what's important here. What's important here is a story of a young, very ambitious and very rich son of a gun, whose name is being tied to all the shit that is 1MDB and of course our PM Najib Razak, himself. In a matter of just a few months, He has become so popular that many would want to know exactly who the fuck is this Jho Low guy? And he is the guy reported by Christie to have bought a 48.8 million dollar painting of Basquiat back in 2013. The highest somebody had ever paid for a Basquiat. And there is absolutely no misprint on that number that you see there.

- My first reaction after seeing this is - what a mother-fucking asshole this guy is! Sure it is his rights to do whatever he wanted with his money, but come on man, to spent like fucking 48 mil on a bloody painting? It is just way too much and damn ridiculous. Even those at Christie was kinda surprised by that bid. Worst, is when that money is not being spent here in this country.

- Forget it if you think that this boy from Penang could have used the money for charity, helping the needy or to better the lives of those who are less fortunate because those kinda feelings are basically non-existent to those affected by this disease called greed. And this particular event has definitely conformed as to the character of this one "lupa daratan" local kid by the name of Jho Low.