Saturday, March 7, 2015


I hope there'll be shit load of people at the ‪#‎KitaLawan‬ protest this afternoon. I couldn't go cause one of the guy at work just told me that he can't make it to work today. Typical shit when you got locals working for you. There's always something. Best is when they'll be telling you that they can't work instead of asking permission to take a day off. Yep, suddenly they've become your boss. The fact of the matter is that they don't even realise what happened at all and I guess it's not totally their fault. It's just not in our culture this adat bekerja thingy. Maybe I should write something about this topic. But do expect shit like this when you're hiring locals staffs for your business. And it's no wonder that a lot of small businesses would prefer to hire those who're from Myanmar or Filipinos instead and I would suggest the same. I'm not sayin that all of them locals are without work ethics coz some do. Although it's quite rare.