Friday, September 5, 2014

Answering Syed Akhbar Ali, Race and Politics

I was actually trying to find Syed's book that I came to this, talked about a long one for sure. Seems like Mr Syed is pretty confident as to his stand, which is pretty much expected considering his connections and "say as you wish" privilege bestowed upon him by the ruling powers. But it ain't really necessary in fact to be putting blames on whoever over whatever or whenever because before entering this ruthless game of power, he should have known that any Malaysians have the right to choose a gangster, a scotch drinker, a backdoor lover or even a second generation mamak for PM if they wanted to. Basic! If you're contesting for such high positions, do you really expect them to be squeaky clean, no histories of doing anything sort of evil? Or are we thinking that people don't change? Come on, don't be naive. And what does it says in Islam about electing a leader? Since I'm sure Mr. Syed knows a lot about that. See, us being a subject of HRH in this country, do you question everything that he's ever done? Or the whole generations before him for that matter? Or is it that they're holier than thou that it'll be considered seditious to even discussing it, lest going against it.

This is a game of deception, lies, corruption, smashing the others heads type of game and only the ruthless, intelligent, sweet talker, hypocrites, thick skinned, and evil hearted will survive, something I'm sure that Mr. Syed is all too familiar with. It's all about directing perspective of the masses, using whatever's necessary; religion, race, adat, gossips, moral actions, sexual preferences etc which is the reason why I was checking out on Mr. Syed's book on the first place; because I think he's damn good at this "directing perspectives" thang. Guess I studied a little of his "work" and it's quite fortunate too for him, to have to deal with such an easy, unquestionable, gullible and easy to please type of crowd, which is the make up of the current majority which soon going to be replaced by the only majority, according to Mr. Syed of course. (using race as a basis to gather public opinion is just a copout)

It's not fair of me not saying much about what I think of all this shenanigans. I guess on one perspective, It's quite unfortunate for me not being in the country for the past twenty five years (living in NYC), making me kinda ignorant of the roots of a lot of situations that is currently happening for this young and confused nation of ours. On the other hand it's good for me too being able to see some situation on a different light. My vote then would be to have another group to replace Barisan Nasional just so that we could have a fairer take on those who manages this country, whether it's Pakatan Rakyat, which is crumbling at the moment of writing, or a new pakatan (or party) which if I am to suggest,  that will create a set of reformed and "much more defined" sets of constitution that is agreed upon all as something to fight for; rather than having three parties with different ideology pretending to be what they're not. As for the constitution, why should we be using one that is set by those British Bastards (records have shown that they deserved such honor), with some parts that's rather vague in their meaning and just made to confused everybody (maybe it's a rush job). Why don't we just fix them bloody thing, make it fair for all races and citizens and stop treating it like some kinda sacred ten commandments written in stone.

Lastly, let us not forget that there's evil everywhere; in any political parties, in any race, any religion because there will always be no Good without the Bad, That is just the facts of life and instead of fighting between parties on who's right or who's wrong, why don't we all fight for what we all know is right. This is what Malaysians need to learn about a two party system in a democracy. It's not ruling government --right, opposition --wrong type thing. To think that the party that we supported is always on the right side is just plain ridiculous.   More importantly is that before pointing it to others let us all point it to our own self first because that's where the fight should really start for everybody in this beautiful country of ours. The rest would just follow, Inshaallah.