Monday, December 15, 2014

Does Belonging to What You Think as The Right Group Makes You Better Than Others?

Ibn Taymiyyah reminded us to not be arrogant when dealing with sectarianism:

"Just because somebody is in a correct group, doesn't mean that he is going to enter jannah. Surely you will find that one who is in the incorrect group might even get to the highest level of jannah because of his sincerity and good deeds. And the person who thought that he is with the correct faith or correct theology might not even get to enter jannah because of the sin that he has done, which is for having arrogance in his heart."

We always have to be careful of the greater sin that we are endanger of committing when we talk about sectarianism and that is the sin of arrogance. Sure you might believe that your theology is the right one but let that not translate into believing that you as a person are better than somebody else, better than the person who does not believe in your theology. Because the theology itself  might be right, but you are surely not perfect, and we have to make a distinction between the believe and the person.

If you believe that you're upon the truth, as it was embodied by our Prophet Muhammad (saw) then let truth lead to humility, let truth lead to humbleness and let truth lead us to compassion.

And let us not forget the golden rule that is the teaching from all the prophets including Moses, Jesus and Muhamad (saw) which is -

"we should treat others as we ourselves want to be treated"

That is the rules of mercy and compassion and that is the rule of Allah and his Messengers.