Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jibby Dibby Dibby Lie

So, Jibby did a u-turn yet again. Surprised? Not really. See, Jibby is a probably one of the worst leader I've seen so far. His reaction to any kinda situation is too damn fcukin slow, no sense of urgency whatsoever when it comes to matters of concerned, and that goes to making decisions as well . It seems like he doesn't have a brain of his own, scared to make his own decisions and always wait to see what others think of it first. Yep, basically got no balls to stand on his own as a leader, stern with his decisions no matter what the people say, because it is the right thing to do. 

Hey, I'm not gonna argue with all this sedition acts bullshit because there's no point in arguing with people who don't understand, which is basically the problem of this country. But then if they don't understand, do you think that they know that they're the problem? Of course not. Interestingly enough, these earth prince and princesses, seems to know it all, as long as you don't argue with them. Because it'll end up the same all the time. That in this God forsaken country, they are always better than the rest, just for being a Malay.