Thursday, November 20, 2014

Damn Fcuking Politics!

Don't bend, don't water it down
don't try to make it logical
don't edit your own soul according to the fashion.
Rather follow your most intense obsessions

course the true nature of politics
is that its dark, dirty and cruel,
full of deceptions, lies
And played by those who're ruthless,
without any pity whatsoever;

Because the true nature of politics
is really about
the true nature of man, 

This is politic people. Don't be a fool thinking it's all nice and clean, course it's not. No Matter what side you're on. Only despicable people, with thick skin can win in this game of deception. And to those who  think of opposition, doing it all wrong, can go eff yourself or register to have your brain checked! Hey, they probably did err on a few occasions, but they're human and they're trying, very hard in fact. And do you know what they're up against? A fair fight? Justice? How the hell do you think Mahathir got the seat? By being Mr nice guy? By being civil? Tunku, our Bapa Kemerdekaan, has to resigned because of the bad things written about him, the fitnah spread all over by that pickle suckin Mahathir! Civil?

Wake up people! These are the few people busting their ass, day in and day out, fighting for the people's rights so that the rakyat, on all level, no matter what color they are, will have a much better lives, including those in the government who were quiet, afraid and not saying anything although they know what is really going on.

These politicians, chosen by the people have to endure so much shtt thrown to them without any help whatsoever from the police, the attorney general, home ministry, SPRM, SPR, MAIS, JAIS even the Sultan. In fact, some of these supposedly independent bodies were designed to be part of the government's tentacles in this fake democracy we're living in.

And the main reason to go up against this ruthless and corrupt government is because the people are angry, the students and politicians are angry ..damn freaking angry at what was being done to this country..and it's getting worst by the minute. But do the students, or politicians deserved the kinda treatment they got for voicing out their dissatisfaction towards these bangsawan whose wrecking up this country.

Do not for a second think, that things won't get any uglier than this, that the Malay's taat setia is not gonna lose it's meaning because for hundreds of years, history has shown what has been done by the rulers and the bangsawan of Tanah Melayu.

For this time, the Malay rakyat is much smarter.